Trash Odor Removal Systems

Trash Odor Removal Systems

Noble Ion® Trash Chutes & Dumpsters is specifically formulated to remove odors caused by food waste, pet waste and decomposing trash in apartments and high rise buildings. 

Can be safely applied inside the chute, trash dumpster and concrete surrounding the dumpster. For strong odors concentrate can be used with no dilution. 

It is very important to wash down the trash chute, dumpster or area with water first to eliminate any offsetting chemicals previously applied.

Our Noble Ion® Odor Eliminator contains billions of positive ions that totally offset the negative ions contained in pet urine. It naturally eliminates urine odors on contact without enzymes, encapsulation, surfactants or fragrances.

Noble Ion® will safely work on any surface or material that it comes in contact with, including, carpet, fabric, leather, silk concrete, metal, wood, sheetrock, plastic, or vinyl.

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