About Us

About Us -  Noble Ion® Odor Technology

What We Do

 Zavada Scientific markets it's Noble Ion®  Odor Technology to the automotive, commercial cleaning, multi-family apartment, medical and pet industries.  


Zavada Scientific, founded in 2011, is a woman-owned company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas.  Our patented technology was developed in-house after years of scientific research and development. 

 Opportunity vs. Problem

 At Zavada Scientific we view every issue as an opportunity. We work directly with large and small companies to create specific formulations that either enhance their product offerings or overcome specific problems.  Once we create a specific formulation for our customers, we then work with the customer to develop testing protocols designed to demonstrate the efficacy of the solution.  Zavada Scientific uses outside FDA approved laboratories to develop testing protocols and to certify the testing results.

Noble Ion® Odor Technology Tested by 3rd Party Laboratories

  Our Noble Ion® formulas for odors statistically demonstrate the elimination of up to 99.99% of the odor at its source without enzymes, surfactants or fragrances.