Noble Ion® Odor Technology

Noble Ion® Odor Technology

Noble Ion® Odor formulations attack ammonia or organic odor off-gasses at the source by addressing the negative ions in the organic material.

We eliminate the off-gassing smell by first affecting the odor-causing bacteria, second eliminating the off-gas molecules and lastly stopping the off-gas build-up cycle.

Noble Ion® formulations are effective in eliminating most organic off odors.  Using no cover-ups, enzymes or scents, we eliminate odor at its source. Our formulations are effective against the stubborn odors of pet urine, cat litter, sportswear fabrics, cooking, and other organic odors.

Green & Safe for Kids & Pets: No Enzymes, Detergents, or Fragrances

We do not use cover-ups or fragrances, which “distracts” the nose with a new smell that never removed the underlying offending odor; which is why odors return.   Noble Ion® products eliminate the odors with no return or lingering unwanted smells. 

We do not use live enzymes which “eat” bacteria causing odors.  Unfortunately, the living organisms die.  How many “live” organisms are still alive when you pull that off the shelf; not many. That is why the efficacy is unreliable, and the odor returns; dead enzymes do not work.

Use it on Any Surface

Noble Ion® Odor formulations can be used on any surface including artificial grass, dog parks, pet relief areas, cement, bricks, gravel, carpet, wood, baseboards, walls, tile, metal, wool, silk, sports fabric and leather. Noble Ion® formulations are friendly on the skin, colorless, odorless and leave no residue, no discoloration, and no odors behind. Our products are formulated in liquid, granules, and powder forms.

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