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Noble Ion Trash Chute Door Repair Services

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Trash Chute Door Repair  

Noble Ion specializes in the repair of existing trash chute doors in multi-family apartments.  Fire code requires that doors latch and close, so don’t wait for the Fire Marshall inspection and risk a citation.

 We provide all the chute and compactor parts for repairs:

  • Trash Chute Doors: UL-rated, self-closing, self-latching stainless-steel trash chute doors.
  • Door Replacement Parts: Baffles, T-Handles; Thumb Latch Assemblies; Latch Bolts; Hydraulic & Gas-Shock Closers.
  • Rolling Discharge Doors, Fusible Links, and Springs.
  • Interlocking Systems

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Still, pressure washing your trash chutes? 

Try our 24/7 Trash Odor Removal System - Deodorizing and Self-Cleaning

 The industry recommends cleaning or power washing your chutes to remove slime, sludge, and grease build-up twice a year. The Fire Marshall inspection frequently issues citations for uncleanliness because of the risk of fire hazards related to grease. 

The only Self-Cleaning Trash Chute System on the Market

Noble Ion offers a self-cleaning alternative to a twice a year trash chute cleaning using our patented Noble Ion technology. It is cost-effective, easy to maintain, and cleans and removes odor in the chutes 24/7.  Think of it as a self-cleaning oven – it does the work for you!

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