Noble Ion® Odor Technology - Demonstration Directions

Noble Ion® with Liquid Positive Ion Odor Eliminator
Demonstration Kit Instructions

This demonstration kit contains a small test bottle (4oz) of ammonia and bag of paper towels.

The smell and chemical formulation of the test bottle of ammonia is the same as that of pet urine.

To perform the test, simply spray a small amount of ammonia from the test bottle onto the paper towel. A quarter size dot will do.

Then smell the paper towel. Be careful, as the smell will be very strong.

Then spray the Noble Ion®  Pet Urine Odor Eliminator onto the same spot where you sprayed the test ammonia. 2 quick sprays will do it.

Now, smell the paper towel as fast as you can get it up to your nose.

The smell will be gone, completely, with no residual odor or cover-up perfumes.

Thank you for doing the test.


Noble Ion